Health, Safety and Environment

Service First Philosophy

As part of our commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability, health, safety and the environment (HSE) are of paramount importance to ECD-M.  We’re proud of our achievements in health, safety and environment.  Our comprehensive HS&E program earned us a Certificate of Recognition (COR) in the Province of Alberta’s Partnership program.

Integrated HSE Management System

At ECD-M, we believe health, safety and environment practices are an integral part of our business. As a result, we’ve integrated our HSE management systems into our daily operational and human resource management.

The ECD Safety Management System 

Our integrated system is called the ECD Safety Management System. It addresses the policies and procedures for all areas of operations, including health, safety, environment, quality assurance and training. Continual improvement is a key aspect of systems design.

Our goal is to ensure the health and welfare of our employees, satisfy regulatory requirements, maintain sound business practices and practice environmental stewardship.

ECD Management considers safe operations and quality service to be core values.  As a corporation, all of our employees are expected to conduct business in a manner that fosters a safe and productive workplace as well as responsible environmental care.  The company believes that all workplace incidents are preventable and we plan to attain our goal of zero losses.

To achieve our objectives, this safety management system has been implemented to manage our loss prevention efforts.  This safety management system applies to planning, training, maintenance, purchasing and other activities that focus on the identification and control of workplace hazards.

All employees have a legal duty to comply with this safety management system, client programs and applicable regulations. This obligation extends to following our work instructions and participating in company safety and quality initiatives.  As a company we will investigate reported losses to ensure that we learn from these incidents.   The effectiveness of our safety management system will be further monitored through active action planning and periodic measurements.

Every employee and contractor has a duty to follow this program on a daily basis and is accountable for their individual performance.  Through everyone’s active participation the company can attain our commitment to quality services and the wellness of our people.