Vision and Guiding Principles

Service First Philosophy

Our Service-First focus is not just something to hang on the walls of our corporate headquarters.  It’s a belief that underlies everything we do, from building practical solutions around what our customers truly need to the rigorous field testing of our equipment. 

The result is an ongoing investment in research and development, from our custom designed Managed Pressure Drilling units to our integrated Project Management System, to name a few.

Our People Make the Difference

From our management team and technical services team to our field operators, our people bring the expertise, knowledge and innovative ideas that enable us to deliver on our promise of technologies that work in the field. 

The vision of ECD Management is threefold:

  • To underpin all of our people, systems and processes with QHSE and best practices and procedures.
  • To be recognized as the most knowledgeable, proficient and flexible solutions provider of optimized drilling & reservoir friendly systems and solutions through application of technology.
  • To educate our customers in our areas of expertise to enable optimal application of our technologies.

Guiding Principles

As set out in our Corporate Safety Policy Statement on Health, Safety and Environment, ECD Management supports the Industry Guiding Principles of Worker Safety, which states:

“As Corporate members of the Petroleum Industry, we have a responsibility to protect the environment, members of society and all workers engaged in our activities from personal injury and health hazards.”

To meet our responsibility, we will operate under the following guiding principles:

We recognize our leadership role in promoting worker health and safety.  It is the responsibility of each employee, and ECD Management as the employer, to refuse to perform unsafe work.

All activities will be conducted on the basis that the safety of all personnel is maintained. This includes our employees, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.  We will refuse to perform work that jeopardizes the safety of any person, the environment, or equipment.

The process of selecting contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, and the administration of contracts, will include recognition and support of good safety performance.

In cooperation with others within the industry, we will promote methods and practices that have the potential for improving safety performance.