Operational Services


When we say we create technologies that work in the field, we mean not only do we have the technical expertise to ensure superior results, but we select our equipment and technical tools for proven reliability and performance in any conditions.

The mandate of ECD Management is to support our clients with quality equipment that will meet their specific project requirements anywhere in the world. This includes minimizing transport costs, minimizing footprint & rig up/rig down time, ease of maintenance and most importantly, quality and dependable service delivery.

With these concerns in mind our operations team has developed equipment that is capable of operating globally in ambient conditions ranging from -40ºC to +40ºC. Our equipment can be arranged on trailers or skidded to accommodate the customer’s location and requirements.

We at ECD Management believe in taking a “site specific” approach during the design and construction of our equipment. By increasing the efficiency of our units while reducing the footprint on the drilling location, our goal is to maintain an operational advantage that allows for project success and cost savings for our clients.

Through our design advantages and improvements we are able to provide industry leading mobilization and rig up of our equipment. We will continue to maintain our adaptive approach to provide leading edge technology and quality service.

    Technical Services

    To deliver technology that works in the field requires the design acumen of our Technical Services team. Our services cover a wide range of simulation and petroleum engineering applications, including multiphase flow modeling, bit optimization, drilling optimization, real-time data acquisition and analysis. Utilizing industry leading software, our technical team can model your proposed well parameters, design an MPD/UBD program and analyze post-job results.

    Project Management

    Underpinning all our services is our Project Management System that streamlines the planning of a project. ECD-M engineering personnel work closely with the operating company prior to actual operations commencing to ensure that all aspects of the operation have been evaluated.

    It ensures that all aspects of the operation have been evaluated prior to drilling. A well specific program is generated, that is then applied in the field by experienced engineers. The results of the well are then presented in an End of Well Report that is distributed to the operating company. From this End of Well Report the UBD program can be optimized for future wells.

    The system integrates the following key phases of planning and operations:

    Phase 1 – Planning:        Operations engineering develop a drilling program specific to each well.

    Phase 2 – Execution:       Experienced engineers work as part of the drilling team on location or at our Real Time Operations Centre

    Phase 3 – Analysis:          Comprehensive review of the well after it has been drilled. Once analysis of the well is complete, the learning’s are applied to subsequent wells

    MPD Real-Time Operating Center

    The Real-Time Operating Center (RTOC) in Calgary provides additional engineering support to our client’s office drilling team or field operations team. Our experienced engineers at the RTOC will help to achieve effective well execution by providing 24/7 engineering support and around the clock surveillance. They have live access to all the rigs drilling data and co-ordinate with the ECD Management team on location a to continually improve our capabilities and efficiency while reducing personnel on location.