Rotating Control Device


Our RCD helps enhance HSE through total control of surface pressure in a range of pressure-critical applications:

  • Managed pressure drilling (MPD), air drilling, underbalanced drilling (UBD), and kick control in conventional drilling
  • Shallow gas and abnormally pressured formations
  • Casing while drilling
  • Offshore fixed platform or jack up rig
  • Extended reach horizontal and ultra deep vertical wells

A range of available adapter accessories includes a snubbing/test/logging adapter as well as a casing stripping adapter, each of which easily attaches to the bowl of the rotating head utilizing the taper design of the bowl and clamp


  • Compact design means the RCD will fit under most drilling rigs without modifications or jacking of the rig.
  • Compact design for better maneuverability within the substructure means faster rig up.
  • Multi-Sealing Technology creates safer operations without the added height associated with other diverters offering dual seals.
  • Designed in accordance with ASME and NACE specifications
  • Built in accordance with API 16RCD Certification specifications and guidlines


  • Optimizes safe drilling practices
  • Helps improve safety and efficiency in pressure-critical applications
  • Maintains tight control of drilling fluid to enhance HSE
  • Provides more time to react to kick events
  • Prevents any background gas from flashing to the atmosphere in the rig floor area
  • Fits under most drilling rigs without modification

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ECD Management Inc. is proud to offer a complete line of Rotating Control Devices (RCDs) for all drilling applications.

Our RCD Series allows for a safe and economical means of well control in various drilling applications with static pressures up to 2500 psi. Complementing the rig’s traditional BOP stack, our RCD systems form a positive seal on the drill pipe or kelly and safely divert the flow from the annulus away from the rig floor.  The RCD enables safe and secure operation during drilling and tripping operations.